Jake Gyllenhaal shopping in NYC on Sept. 14 (look at those arms!)

Anonymous said: Se que irás a grada, pero yo iré a pista. Como lo hago para encontrarte?

Yo voy a pista que tengo early entry. Así que supongo que estaré por la parte de atrás del Palau con más LM que conozco. Pero no hay razón para que seas anónimo ahora, no importan los mensajes de antes, por conocerme no pasa nada!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY VÍCTOR! Since you’re the King of making up quotes I thought your BDay edit needed to pay homage to your iconic GIFs. I wish you all the best and I hope you get everything you want from life because you’re one of the nicest people I know and also one of my best friends here! Also, I hope you find your soul mate in London and that you have lots of fun during the process ;)
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Anonymous said: Where are these sexy kitty images from?